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Vision Mission and Goal of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Bung Hatta University




           Bung Hatta University vision of Teaching and Education Faculty is to become a faculty that produces superior and dignified educators at the national level towards world-class faculty by 2030




     To realize this vision, the mission of the Teaching and Education Faculty is as follows:
• Implement
ing quality education for prospective educators in a democratic climate by upholding academic freedom
• Carry
ing out quality research in the field of education and applying the results to learning.
• Conduct
ing community service in accordance with the field of education by applying science and technology to improve the welfare of humanity.



           Based on the vision and mission, the goals of Tearcher Training and Education Faculty, Bung Hatta University are mention below:


• Producing  superior and dignified graduates in the field of education who are able to compete in the era of globalization
• The production of quality and useful research to enrich knowledge, improve the quality of learning and change society into a knowledge-based society.
• Realization of community service based on reasoning and research work that is useful in advancing public welfare.
• The creation of a conducive academic atmosphere and with responsible, polite and moral academic interaction.
• The realization of cooperation that can improve the quality of the learning process and shorten the waiting period for graduate work.


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